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Flexible Road Transport Solutions for every client

Client focus in our genes. We are committed to deliver services to all types of businesses, ranging from small local businesses to multi-national companies.

Our solid network allows us to provide regular and direct services connecting Eastern Europe with Western Europe and Scandinavia, as well as road transport services for Russia & CIS countries, Turkey and Middle East.

By integrating strategically placed operational and infrastructure bases in Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, Poland, Spain, Türkiye and North Macedonia, we provide clients of all sizes with scheduled direct departures, fast transit times, reliability and maximum control on all road freight services.

Why working with us

You can have access to extensive operational services range and outstanding teams.

  • Solutions for all types of goods (general goods, temperature controlled, hazardous).
  • High traffic corridors handling inbound and outbound goods from Balkans to all EU countries, both for FTL and LTL.
  • Collection and deliveries to all major UE countries via solid network of partners.
  • Integration between long and short destinations for efficient planning and costs.
  • Regular traffic corridors to Russia, Baltics and CIS countries, and complete management of custom clearance.
  • Solid services to Türkiye and Middle East, including custom clearance, cross docking and warehousing.
  • Compliance with clients’ quality requirements or standards and/ or any specific requirements.
  • Integration of intermodal solutions (rail).
  • Additional services such as pallets exchange, standby trailers, special equipment.
  • Experienced multilingual team with single point of contact to simplify communication.
  • Expert knowledge and experience of markets / regions.
  • Vast experience of dealing with a variety of cargo types and industry sectors.

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